The history of the Citation family

The development goals for the Citation were low production costs, a high level of safety, low operating costs and simple handling. We also wanted to be able to take off and land at airports that normally only serve twin-engine propeller planes. The result was an airplane with two engines at the tail on either side of the body, and a retractable undercarriage with hydraulic brakes. The body contains a pressurized cabin. The tail unit is designed so that the stabilizer is above the engine jets. The planes are all twin-jet and come in a variety of sizes.

The first flight of the Citation I prototype took place in 1969. Because of the basic model’s commercial success, the series continued to be developed. Other than the Learjet, the Citation is the most successful airplane in its class.

We currently have two Citation models, the CJ1 and the CJ2+. In this section, you can get to know them a little better.