You gain valuable time and can be flexible

What this means for you:

  • You can schedule appointments in several different European cities on the same day and be back home in the evening.
  • If your schedule changes, we can adapt. Our experienced pilots allow us to respond to changes at short notice and with great flexibility. We can even change the route for you in mid-flight.
  • You can book your flight with us at very short notice, up to 24 hours before your planned departure.
  • Your check-in with us is completely free of hustle and bustle. There are no elaborate check-in procedures, since we have special counters and exits available. Customs clearance at the General Aviation Terminals (GAT) only takes a few minutes.
  • You fly directly to your destination and skip any unnecessary stop-overs.
  • We can go to a large number of airports where commercial flights rarely or never land.

In our fast-paced society, time has become an extremely valuable commodity.

When traveling, you lose time unnecessarily by choosing a scheduled commercial flight. Even the preparations for check-in waste a good deal of time, and you are restricted to specific flight times.

With scheduled commercial flights, you can reach hundreds of airports throughout Europe – but we can take you to more than a thousand. That means landing much closer to your final destination.

When you fly with us, you have control and absolute flexibility in planning your schedule. You decide when you want to depart, and from where.